OneTone Collects Customer Service Responses

From third-party tools and services like Messenger or Gmail. After setting it up, you can analyse all evaluated responses and improve your customer experience.

The Easiest Way to Scale your Customer Experience with Integrations

And many more...

Three simple steps


Collect all responses automatically with Google Chrome Extension


Simply analyze the incorrect responses of your team in the second


Improve your team's response skill with collected data

Save your Respondent's Time with Automatic Whisperer

You can set up a list of forbidden words. If your team mate wrote the wrong word OneTone will give him you a notice.

Easily Analyze your Team Performance

And get insights where to make some improvements. Once you got familiar with the user interface, you will love the efficiency of OneTone.

OneTone is AI Powered

If your teammate's response is incorrect one tone will suggest to him how to continue. Correcting is allowed by installed browser extension.

Online Platform and Browser Extension

Onetone collects customer service responses from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, E-mail or many more else simmilar third party apps or services. We are running minimum viable product and we are looking for some early adopters. Is it you?
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